Actual position:

  • Canoe Slalom Sport Director for Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation

  • Canoe Slalom and Extreme Slalom Head Coach for Italian Canoe and Kayak Federation

  • Member of the C.O.N.I. National Council

Thanks to his direct sporting experience, he leads to conventions, symposia and lectures, technical and didactic notions about the world of sport.

Among the most significant:

  • CONI - sports school, intervention and teaching on "high level aquatics"

  • Periodization of training at the Nippon Sport Science University in Tokyo - Japan

  • TED-X Bocconi-UNI - theme: Falling and Rising

  • Lectio magistralis at the Pontifical University;

  • Training methodology at the Sichuan provincial team - China;

  • Training methodology at the Hokkaido - Japan national canoe school;

  • Conference "sport as an escape" of the AIA;

  • Convention "models and values ​​in sport" organized by the Order of Psychology;